A Gentleman's Guide To Sex In Prison

When I tell people that I recently finished serving a 10-year prison sentence for armed robbery, mostly in maximum-security facilities, I often feel a question lingering in the air. The moment I sense it, I try to respond to the awkward silence in some offhanded way, though it is hard to be blithe and whimsical when… » 9/18/14 1:16pm 9/18/14 1:16pm

Forgiving The Club Kid Killer: My Prison Friendship With Michael Alig

After just a few recent minutes in conversation with Michael Alig, we'd fallen right back into the intellectual relationship we'd developed over two prisons and several shared years in the incarcerated world. I always liked him; I'd even forgiven him for when he tried to rat me out. (He did graciously apologize.) » 6/05/14 12:35pm 6/05/14 12:35pm

Chained Wimbledon: The Joys And Perils Of Prison Tennis

The next time I commit a felony, I think I'll do it in California. It turns out that San Quentin has a fabulous tennis program. The court I played on during my time in the New York State prison system was a total wreck. Two summers at Groveland Correctional Facility (starting in 2009) did improve my serve, but of all… » 5/20/14 10:05am 5/20/14 10:05am

An Ex-Con's Guide To Prison Weightlifting

Lifting weights in an American prison means joining a culture unlike any seen in a free-world gym, full of crudely welded pig iron and rust. Men forsake masturbation to improve their bench-press stats and consume cans of Jack Mack, the cheapest tinned fish in the world, along with the filthy broth it's packed in for… » 5/06/14 3:43pm 5/06/14 3:43pm